Zumba: Combines a fusion of Latin and International music with fun dance moves that give you an awesome aerobic workout while dancing the hour away. No experience necessary! FUN!


Bodysculpt & AbsAn awesome workout using tubes, weights and bands to sculpt and tone your entire body. Personal training in a group setting with focus placed on form & technique.


Yoga: Vinyasa Flow: Relax and strengthen your mind and body with an hour of Vinyasa Flow. Yoga positions that decrease stress, help with relaxation while strengthening your entire body and increasing flexibility.


TABATA: A scientifically designed workout using intense cardio intervals to increase fat burning, enhance endurance, muscular strength and so much more. The workout segments are designed with 20-second high intensity intervals and 10-second rest periods. This is a great workout for all levels and for everyone that wants to increase their endurance and enhance their body’s fat burning potential. 


Booty, Barre & CORE: An workout specifically designed to give a woman's body the definition and tone in all the right places. We use bands, tubes, weights and the barre to strengthen and define the booty, legs and abs. This class will get you results! 


Hip Hop Barre: A workout designed to create a long, lean dancer’s body – Sculpt, lengthen and redefine the lower body using ballet, toning and stretching. No ballet necessary just the desire for a dancer’s body. Hip Hop Barre provides the same workout plus a short, choreographed dance routine in the final 20 minutes of class. 


Ab & Booty BootcampJust as the name describes, this class focuses on toning the glutes, tightening the core as well as trimming the thighs using a combination of equipment including weights, bands and exercise balls.  


Turbo Kick TM: Intense cardio workout using kickboxing sequences that is designed to kick your fat burning furnace into high gear! Tone and burn at the same time while engaging your abs throughout the entire workout! 


Lean Extreme: Get ready to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get LEAN. An hour of  cardio and resistance training. Get toned, burn fat and get your endorphins going all in one hour!


Abs & Assets: We can't spot reduce but this class is guaranteed to tone, tighten and firm your booty, abs and legs with high reps, resistance training using weights and bands and incorporating plyometrics for ultimate strength and sculpting.


Pilates Mat: Your CORE is so essential to everything you do. This class is specifically designed to strengthen your entire core - abs, hips and back. An amazing workout for all levels but challenging enough for the advanced pilates student.



Class Schedule

16872 Hale Ave. Irvine, CA 92606

16872 Hale Ave. Irvine, CA 92606